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Oct 31, 2013 6:00pm PDT
quote denied by the obama administration, appears in the "washington post." it says u.s. intelligence agencies have gained access to hundreds of millions of google and yahoo user accounts by secretly tapping into company data centers. late today, six top tech companies-- yahoo, google, aol, apple, microsoft and facebook-- sent a letter to congress, calling for enhanced privacy protections. barton gellman broke the story for "the washington post."
Nov 6, 2013 7:00am PST
quote with today's look at your world in 90 seconds. >> maybe the folks in washington d.c. should tune in their tvs now and see how it's done. >> governor chris christie sens a message to washington. >> it wasn't an acceptance speech, it was announcement speech. >> he begins his run for the white house even though he won't say he's actually doing it. >> democrat terry mcauliffe squeaked out a evictvictory in the race. >> aren't reproud folks? >> toronto mayor rob ford acknowledging he smoked crack cocaine. >> mr. ford's approval rate has gone up despite calls for him to step down. >> enablers hey. >> another air on capitol hill today, kathleen sebelius testifies before the senate committee. >> new allegations of bullying against incognito. >> reports that coaches instructed incognito to toughen you have martin. >> we're going to weather the storm. that's it. >> de blasio wakes up you the
Nov 17, 2013 8:00am EST
memorial was opened in washington. but then after world war ii, with the cold war, with the mayor can transcend militarily and in industrialize, urbanized nation, hamilton's reputation soared again and jeffersons has plummeted somewhat in the aftermath of the civil rights revolution and revelation about his relationship with sally hemming. and back, during the lifetimes of jefferson and hamilton, both men were praised in contempt, just as they have been by subsequent generations. for example, governor morris said of hamilton, it seemed as if god had called him suddenly in to access and that he might access to save the world. there were those who condemn hamilton, like abigail adams, who said not only that she thought hamilton wish to be americans napoleon, but she said i have read is hard in his wicked eyes. the very devil is in them. her husband, john adams, said of hamilton, his talents are greatly exaggerated. he wishes to destroy everyone in his way. adams was just warming up with those comments. he went on to call hamilton a brat of a scottish pathway. his ambition, his rest was
Nov 2, 2013 6:00pm EDT
quote at adm, and that was tantalizing because, i mean, adm, particularly to people in washington, is known as an exceptionally powerful, exceptionally secretive company the idea that somebody was out there recording everyone inside without their knowledge was--was
Nov 29, 2013 5:00am EST
the washington -- and frankly washington in general is because he can't seem to get anything done and can't work with each other. given the progress that women -- as some of you women of the isate have been able to do, because there are more moderates like yourself or the fact that you actually spend time together at these dinners? we know each other and we know where we can find common ground and where we can't. it's like a washington used to run. people knew about each other and cared about each other. that makes a major difference. we can really get there by walking around in a flight suit. actually. have, when i was running for prosecutor i would've cecily look at janet napolitano's website because she was focused on results. chiesomeone said that women candidates speak softly and carry a big statistic. i do think we speak softly, but i do think we are more focused on those numbers and accountability and results. i think that makes a big difference and i'm very hopeful as we add more women to the senate we have some opportunities in this next election that the culture can change. we did have
Nov 18, 2013 1:00am EST
's birth of the memorial was open to it in washington. but then after world war ii was the cold war with america triumphant militarily with the urbanized nation hamilton's reputation and soared again and jefferson's has plummeted someone in the aftermath of the civil-rights revolution about his relationship with sally having this. in fact, during the lifetime of jefferson and hamilton both men were praised and condemned just as they have spent by subsequent generations. it seemed as if godhood call them into existence to save a world. there were those that condemned like abigail adams hughes said none of the she thought hamilton wish to be americans napoleon but with his wicked gaius but the devil is in them. [laughter] her husband john adams the talents are greatly exaggerated he went on to call him his ambition and restlessness and all the grandiose schemes with this super abundance of secretions that he could not find enough orders to absorb. [laughter] a/s and jefferson was praised by a sum that said he is one of the choice ones and john adams lauded his extraordinary mind and p
Nov 30, 2013 3:35pm EST
, "intellectuals and race". this is booktv on c-span2. husk of the chief correspondent of the "washington post" has a new book out on the 2012 election, collision 2012. dan balz why do you so where coalition? >> guest: i thought this election was a collision between a lot of things that collision between the americas the america that elected president of bombing 2008 and the america that elected the republicans to take control of the house in 2010. there was a collision of philosophies, of ideology and really a collision between two quite different personalities and people in president obama governor romney. if you think about where each of them came from, they could have been more different. >> host: was there a point when the winner of the collision could have been? >> guest: well you can argue a year out the president was very vulnerable. in large part to cut as it was not clear what was going to happen with the economy. as we played out the election to things. one, think of presidents camp and was more skillful and more effective both in the consistency and the shaping of its message and also j
Nov 8, 2013 7:30pm PST
. "washington week" gwen: a topsy-turvy economy. are up but so is the jobless rate. but spending is down. what is the problem? needs to stop throwing up obstacles in the way economic growth. gwen: on healthcare, even a ocrats are searching for fix. >> why keep limping along? just shut it down and put it together the way it together.put >> there is no words to describe the frustration we all have. am sorry that they are finding themselves in this ituation base on assurances they got from me. gwen: will apologies be enough? races governors delivered different messages. for virginia. night. a great >> for new jersey. and for 2016. know that if we can do this n trenton, new jersey, maybe the folks in washington, d.c. should tune in their tv's right done.d see how it is gwen: the senate moves to ban againste discrimination homosexuals. >> it is about opportunity, about whether every american dream the same dream, chase the same ambitions, and the same shot at success. itn: but will the house stop in its tracks? covering the week, david wessel "wall street journal," christi parsons of tribune news
Al Jazeera America
Nov 29, 2013 2:30am EST
and you're in the stream. you're in the stream. the fight over washington's the fight over washington's football team heats up. football team heats up. our digital our digital producer wajahat ali producer wajahat ali is bringing in the online is bringing in the online opinions. opinions. >> do not mess with them when it >> do not mess with them when it comes to this topic, check out comes to this topic, check out my facebook page. my facebook page. we have the record number of we have the record number of comments, 230. comments, 230. robin says i'm a descendant of robin says i'm a descendant of the chippewa tribe. the chippewa tribe. we don't care what they call we don't care what they call their american football team. their american football team. we as people are raising we as people are raising children and grandchildren who children and grandchildren who will not let this type of racism will not let this type of racism go on. go on. name change may not happen this name change may not happen this season or the next but it will season or the next but it will happen. happen. final
Al Jazeera America
Nov 28, 2013 7:30pm EST
>> hi, i'm lisa fletcher and you're in the stream. the fight over washington's football team heats up. our digital producer wajahat ali is bringing in the online opinions. >> do not mess with them when it comes to this topic, check out my facebook page. we have the record number of comments, 230. robin says i'm a descendant of the chippewa tribe. we don't care what they call their american football team. we as people are raising children and grandchildren who will not let this type of racism go on. name change may not happen this season or the next but it will happen. finally melissa says, people are so sensitive these days. it's just football. find out a way to help the native american people. >> turning on a football team carries on weight. picking up the fight with their change the mascot campaign. everyone from nbc sports analysts bob costas to president barack obama have weighed in. how do native americans feel? >> i'm not a caricature or a mascot. >> i am not a caricature or a mascot. >> i'm not a caricature or a dead relic of the american past. i'm a human being. >> we are h
Al Jazeera America
Nov 7, 2013 11:30am EST
across the country. in his victory speech mcauliffe pointed to washington as a dysfunctional government poster child that virginia should avoid. >> the truth is this election was never a choice between democrats and republicans. it was a choice about whether virginia would continue the mainstream bipartisan tradition that has served us so well over the last decade, and a time when washington was often broken just think about what virginia has been able to accomplish when we work together. >> but virginia is polarized, too, and cuccinelli's concession speech was not much of a concession and it said that tea party politics was alive and well. >> we said this race was a referendum on obamacare and although i lost tonight you sent a message to the president of the united states that you believe that virginia understands that obamacare is a failure, and that you want to be in charge of your healthcare and not the government. at last count i was aware of despite being outspend by an unprecedented $15 million this race came down to the wire because of obamacare. >> reporter: in near high profi
Nov 29, 2013 7:30pm PST
political conversation to our table. tonight on this special edition of "washington week." what were the hot topics at your house? health care? the economy? war? peace? or maybe washington dysfunction? >> why is there no debt limit? >> why are you more concerned with what your party is going to do in the elections rather than how you're going to help the american people? >> i'm wondering what specifically you'll be doing to prevent another government shutdown? gwen: tonight we answered your questions from around the country with peter baker of "the new york times." michael duffy of "time" magazine. karen tumulty of "the washington post." and jeff zeleny of avens news. -- abc news. >> award winning reporting and analysis, covering history as it happens. from our nation's capital, this is "washington week with gwen ifill." corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by -- >> we went out and asked people a simple question. how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90's.
Nov 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
we have called to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the march on washington and martin luther king jr.'s i have a dream speech. now it's especially nice to give our hero awards and not only do we have a number of wonderful recipients here but some great qualified nominees and a number of our honor reese from prior years. after the meeting we will have an at some point to have a special reception downstairs where we'll also -- down the hall. 201, where we'll take some time to celebrate this wonderful occasion. i would like to call the meeting to order and ask the commission secretary to please read the roll. >> michael sweet, davis, kel her, not present at the moment, i -- lee, todd davis not present. you have a quorum. >> thank you, madam secretary. the first item on the agenda is public comment that will enable to you speak on miss the issues. if you wish to address this commission, i would encourage you to fill out a speaker card. there will be time later in the meeting to speak on the awards that are being given and the honor reese. this is to only speak on any item, not o
Nov 1, 2013 11:00pm EDT
washington d.c., ella cuenta que la educación simple ha estado presente en su vida. >> mis papás me dieron mucho apoyo; ellos llegaron de el salvador a los estados unidos con este sueño que tenían que sus hijos progresarán y que no tuvieran que trabajar como ellos trabajaron; ellos reconocieron que esta oportunidad y va a estar disponible en alguna ocasión. en la casa era lo que vivíamos todo el tiempo. >> reportera: entre los logros de esta joven educadora está en ser elegida como maestra del año en montgomery, y ser nominada junto a otros 7 educadores para hacer la maestra de la año en el estado de maryland. su vocación de servicio hace que cristina ahora la diferencia en su comunidad, asegura su esposo y compañero. >> ella es solidaridad, amorosa y cuidadosa. muy fácil de creer, disfruta compartir tiempo con la familia, le importan las otras personas y le gusta ayudar a otro haciendo actividades en la iglesia, rolando y relacionándose con actividad. >> reportera: cristina ayuda educándose a otros pisando el español para comunicarse con los padres de sus alumnos, sino que q
Nov 17, 2013 1:00pm PST
apparently moved from pecan to the southern or southeastern suburbs and then towards washington, indiana. and there you can better believe that the people here are in stunned silence because of the spoke of this fierce weather system that is now responsible for some 54 reports of tornadoes. some of those confirmed, some, the national weather service, the local, national weather service will have to go out and e evaluate. when you see things that have completely washed a clean slate, nothing left, then you might say those are ef-5 tornadoes. >>> the storm chaser that you spoke with earlier, fredericka, he saw this large tornado on the ground. there are a number of tornado warnings that will continue -- typically, they last about 30 min you wanteds or so. still, all the way from south bend, indiana. >> in this case, indianapolis gets hit with some of the cities we've been talking about. chicago, the last we spoke with the emergency management o fishl, wile they're not saying they're completely out of the woods, they were able to say that the skies were starting to clooer up a little bit. t
Nov 12, 2013 3:00pm EST
quote impact conference in washington. financial advisers are watching this market closely as there is word the federal reserve could, in fact, taper as soon as next month. bill, what are the odds? >> yeah, well, we've heard it from a super dove, which was very interesting development there. we'll talk about that, maria. i'm bill griffeth at the new york stock exchange. atlanta fed president dennis lockhart said it's possible, it's on the table, that they could begin the tapering process as early as december meeting. that's earlier than the market anticipated but we'll talk about that in a little bit coming up here. >> i wonder if that puts on question their decision not to taper in september. we haven't had that much great that date. we're talking about one month. lots to talk about in terms of the fed and what the implications would be there. we also have a very special first on cnbc interview coming up. chairman and ceo of enter continental exchange, better known as i.c.e., jeff sprecher. he made comments about the markets being stacked against the small investor. we'll talk about that a
Nov 6, 2013 9:00am EST
quote >> i hope they wake up in washington because really the country is -- >> we need people who don't have jobs -- >> the country is poised with these great natural assets we have. >> technological. >> technological revolution. what's going to come out of the ground with the fracking and everything, it's amazing. >> richard, thank you so much for being here. that does it for us today. join us tomorrow. right now it's time for "squawk on the street." ♪ one day more >> we are one day away from twitter's debut. welcome to "squawk on the street." i'm carl quintanilla with jim cramer and david faber at the new york stock exchange. futures have a decent tone, despite some stocks that will struggle at the open, like abercrombie, like tesla. and europe got a boost from a blowout number out of manufacturing out of germany this morning. twitter set to price tonight, begin trading tomorrow. right behind us here at post nine. >> tesla shares, they're skidding today after vehicles delivered missed expectations. earnings and revenues did come in ahead of consensus. >> abercrombie and finch post
Nov 23, 2013 4:00pm PST
the washington monument is two different colors. >> the tallest structure in washington, d.c., isn't a skyscraper. it's the first of all the memorials to be built on the national mall. and it continues to be one of the most popular for tourists. lauren tells us more. >> as we all know, george washington served asder r nation's military during the revolutionary war. in 1789, he became the very first president of the united states. at his funeral, washington was remembered as being first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen. that's why it's fitting that the washington monument sits right at the heart of our national mall. the giant stone obelisk is flanked by the u.s. capitol to the east, the world war ii and lincoln memorials to the west, and just to the north is the white house. construction on the monument began in 1848, but it wasn't completed until 1884. i met bill line from the national park service and asked him about the 36-year delay. >> the reason why it took that long is because of bureaucracy. there was in-fighting. welcome to america. that's the way we do t
Nov 11, 2013 11:00pm EST
ya se encuentra en buen estado. paola alonzo, telenoticias washington y >> sulema: gracias paola, por otra parte en el condado de king george en maryland, una persona falleció y otra resultó herida. lo que operó el rescate fue la cantidad de cosas que habían en la casa y querían que los bomberos se movieran más rápido, el incendio que sucedió en la madrugada y que permanece bajo investigación dejó arropado a un anciano de 82 años que falleció en las que su esposa de 80 años logró escapar, este es el incendio fatal número 13 que se registra en este año. en virginia continúan contando los votos para el cargo de fiscal. mark obenshain sigue liderando a su contrincantes demócrata mark herring. la junta tiene hasta mañana a la medianoche para certificar los resultados electorales. y comenzamos la semana con temperaturas frescas y probabilidades de lluvia. cristina caicedo smyth nos tiene el reporte. >> cristina: hola, están todos, hoy lunes, espera que hayan tenido una agradable fin de semana, y parece que para esta semana tendremos temperaturas inve
Nov 17, 2013 3:00pm PST
. as it hit the small town of washington near peoria. at least two deaths have been reported. this was the aftermath. nothing was left standing after the tornado was done. clean-up and recovery will take a very long time. >> look at that. this is st. louis as the storm hit. with at least 19 million people in the direct path of the worst parts of the storm. cnn has mobilized all of its resources to bring you the very latest information. jonathan monken is a director of the emergency management agency. we have him on the phone. we spoke to you about an hour ago. what is the latest information. you confirmed two deaths. what do you know now? >> caller: i can confirm we have a third death associated with the storm. this is in the town of washington. so somebody unable to get down to the basement in time and was pulled out of the home. and ultimately found in a field nearby. so we do have three confirmed fatalities for this outbreak of tornados? this, again, you said is in washington. you said there are 37 injuries. and would you say seven traumatic injuries. tell us about the inj
Al Jazeera America
Nov 2, 2013 11:30am EDT
" is up next. is it working? you're watching inside story from washington. >> hello, i'm libby casey. a familiar theme played out in washington this week as bad news circled the white house, and the critics took their shots, fair and unfair at president obama and his administration. but by any viewing this was not a good week for the president. second terms always have their rough patches but history shows they can be overcomed and mr. mr. obama has never shied from a crisis. however the usually hands-on president seemed unaware of problems, and in one case just plain left out of the loop. what is a leader looking towards a legacy to do about it? >> as software glitches on the affordable care act website persist, and allied nation phone following comes to line. the president was on a high seen as above that particular political fray, but it didn't last long. according to a journal pol poll just 42% of americans approve of the president's job performance, an all-time low for president obama, indicating frustration with how he's leading the country . the signature policy the affordable
Nov 14, 2013 6:00pm EST
. >> sulema: vamos en vivo a washington, d.c., con randy serrano, que nos habla de una premiación en la que reconocen a la cadena dueña de telemundo washington. buenas tardes. >> reportero: buenas tardes, estamos aquí donde la compañía propietaria de telemundo washington premiará precisamente por servicio a la comunidad hispana. en el área capitalina, y a través de todo el país. nos van a contar un poco sobre quiénes son los otros premiados y cuál es el criterio que se usa. >> el criterio primero es excelencia en la materia que nos apoyan, número uno. y número dos, el servicio a la comunidad latina. entonces, las personas que tenemos, son personas que han hecho mucho por nuestra comunidad. telemundo, que hace un gran papel en desarrollar a la comunidad local. la otra persona son congresistas de washington también. y luego otra premiada es una mujer que me acaba de dar una noticia fantástica en el término del trabajo que hacemos en los medios de comunicación. son las personas que vamos a ganar esta noche. >> reportero: quienes ganaron en años anteriores? >>políticos y otras
Nov 4, 2013 6:00pm EST
washington redskins star, sean taylor. eric rivera convicted on second- degree murder charges. now taylor, you'll remember, was killed during a botched robbery at his home in miami around 2007. the jury deliberated four days before they reached that verdict. four other men are charged in the case. the others will stand trial later. >> the last poll leading into tomorrow's election to virginia gave democratic candidate, terri mcauliffe a six point lead. robert garners 8% of the vote and 5% say they are just not sure yet. peggy fox takes a look at the final push for votes. >> ken cuccinelli. >> florida senator, marco rubio rallied this crowd of supporters for ken cuccinelli and the rest of the gop ticket. >> yes, we are not going to allow them to take over our healthcare. >> they were all fired up taking aim at the affordable care act and president obama who campaigned sunday. >> so tomorrow, let's send them a message. loud and clear from virginia. that virginia says no to obama care. virginia says no to expanding obama care, which is what terri mcauliffe wants to do. >> while the go
Al Jazeera America
Nov 29, 2013 11:30am EST
went to we went to churchke in churchke in washington, d.c. and met with a washington, d.c. and met with a beer so beer so sommelier. sommelier. >> i feel that craft beer is >> i feel that craft beer is always secondary to flavor always secondary to flavor impact. impact. non-craft beer is first non-craft beer is first determined by determined by more business more business acumen. acumen. >> he sees a world of difference >> he sees a world of difference between craft beer and big between craft beer and big brewers lik brewers lik anheuser-busch anheuser-busch and and coor's. coor's. >> it's flavor. >> it's flavor. you know, on a visceral level, you know, on a visceral level, craft beer is something that you craft beer is something that you can't stay away from because it can't stay away from because it is so engrossing when you come is so engrossing when you come to its textures, it's tastes and to its textures, it's tastes and aromas. aromas. >> one of a growing number of >> one of a growing number of restaurant and bars restaurant and bars catering to catering to craft beer lover
FOX News
Nov 17, 2013 12:00am PST
to decide and not the doctor what prescriptions are proper. it is the idea that we know best in washington and that is their approach as opposed to letting the private sector and public have the choices. >> i can't let you out of here until we talk about the christmas candle. >> the christmas candle is a mix between it is a wonderful life and a christmas carol and set in victoria n england and people strug lepping with their faith and whether god is with them. >> it is a great case. star studded. susan boyle sings and you can listen to the miracle hymn that was written for the movie. it is in theaters. christmas candle movie.comis the website. it is a beautiful movie. if you love downton abbey. you will love this. yet it is a movie about christmas. and not about santa claus or elves. but about what christmas is about. >> we need whole system things like. that it is great to have you here. >> and the latest job numbers show that the american labor force is the worst since carter administration. i will talk to a recent mba graduate that came up with creative ways to market himself. how optim
Nov 1, 2013 7:30pm PDT
on "washington week." the promise in 2010. >> if you like your insurance plan, you will keep it. no one will be able to take that away from you. it hasn't happened yet and won't happen in the future. gwen: the walkback in 2013. >> if insurers decided to downgrade or cancel these substandard plans, what we said under the law is you got to row place them with quality comprehensive coverage. gwen: complicated explanations almost never work in politics. >> the majority of americans feel tricked by the rollout of the president's health care law. we were told if you liked what you had you could keep it. obviously a trick. gwen: the administration, can it dig itself out of its health care hole? >> hold me accountable for the debacle. i'm responsible. gwen: can it justify what appears to be years of widespread exhaustive spying at home and abroad? >> we only spy for valid foreign intelligence purposes as authorized by law with multiple layers of oversight to ensure we don't abuse our authorities. gwen: covering the week, tom gjelten of n.p.r. doyle mcmanus of the "los angeles times." alexis sim
Al Jazeera America
Nov 30, 2013 5:00pm EST
craft beer flow? we went to churchke in washington, d.c. and met with a beer so sommelier. >> i feel that craft beer is always secondary to flavor impact. non-craft beer is first determined by more business acumen. >> he sees a world of difference between craft beer and big brewers lik anheuser-busch and coor's. >> it's flavor. you know, on a visceral level, craft beer is something that you can't stay away from because it is so engrossing when you come to its textures, it's tastes and aromas. >> one of a growing number of restaurant and bars catering to craft beer lovers or simply different. >> it is a fun bar with a very large collection of beers that we don't ever find elsewhere , and we don't know what we're looking at half the time but it is fun to try new things. >> craft enthusiasts are knowledgeable consumers. they use network to get u up-to-date information about the brewer 's ale. >> particularly the last five to ten years, information share something has blown up. the internet provides ways to research and share knowledge. nowadays people are educated on this so people know
Nov 18, 2013 3:00pm EST
and mother-in-law carol who traveled here to washington from fort wayne, indiana, in support of this particular bill, and i want to thank chairman bernie sanders and ranking member richard burr and members of the committee for immediately grasping the nature of this and being willing to do everything possible to help us move this legislation, and it couldn't have been done without their support, and their efforts have been advanced and expedited by their commitment to support this. and to give -- have senate action on the legislation as soon as possible. so i'm here today to urge my colleagues to support and pass this alicia dawn kale respect for national cemeteries act. the victims and family members of this tragic shooting have suffered enough and should not be forced to wait much longer to have the request met. now, as a veteran myself, i have the deepest respect for those who have worn the uniform to serve and defend our country, but no veteran who commits a capital crime should be given the honor of a military burial and be laid to rest next to our nation's military hero
Al Jazeera America
Nov 20, 2013 12:00pm EST
has the story. >> reporter: in rome, georgia, political chatter about what is happening in washington is as familiar as the southern charm of its main street. >> 90% of those people up there don't have a clue what is going on in the united states. >> reporter: in the foothills, rome is home to conservative republican congressman tom graves. he is one of the architects of the legislation to repeal obamacare, and voted to continue the government shutdown. he can find plenty of supporters in rome who blame the president for the failures of government. >> there are people who are vehemently opposed to the affordable care act. that's one of the things that helped to energize the tea party in its early days. >> reporter: here in rome there is an overall lack of confidence in the government, but specifically for the president of the united states. now the problem plagued rollout of the affordable care act website and the partisan bickering are adding to earlier dissatisfaction, contributing to the sinking approval ratings for president barack obama. >> i think it has hurt him tremendously. >
Nov 22, 2013 8:00pm EST
where the president is being treated. now for reaction to this tragic story. we go to washington and david brinkley. >> there is not a great deal as yet, because obviously the news has just got here. it was taken to congress, which of course, recessed immediately to see what has happened. the white house has told us they don't know anymore than we know, and in fact, has been listening to us to see what he could find out. the president's brother, ted kennedy, was on the floor of the senate and was informed by senator mike mansfield. the only word beyond that we have is that senator kennedy did not know at the moma whether he would go to texas or not. beyond that -- did not know at the moment whether he would go to texas or not. beyond that, because most of washington has just found out about it, they are shocked and stunned along with everyone else. the white house has no more information at the moment than we have. we will stay here, of course, ready to bring you any, at the moment it arrives. in the meantime, we will switch back to you. >> thank you, david. this scene was tangen
Nov 18, 2013 2:00am PST
central illinois and jay gray is there from the city of washington. jay, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, veronica. good to talk to you. those six fatalities from this area of central illinois and there's concern that that number could climb as recovery teams continue to sift through this rubble and try to assess the full extent of the damage. the devastation is widespread and overwhelming. >> within less than a minute, everything started collapsing inside the house. cracking and sputtering and it's light inside the house. >> reporter: at least six people are dead. dozens injured after a string of violent storms including 40 tornadoes or more ripped across eight states. central illinois took the most severe hit. >> and the wind started picking up. >> communities like washington and new mendone were for the first part wiped away. >> pretty bad as far as people not staying in their home. roofs are gong. the church steeple is gone. some damage on the inside and, yeah, i would say it's pretty bad. >> reporter: a path of splintered homes and communities leveled from the storm stretche
Nov 21, 2013 12:00am PST
of the 60's, grew up in washington, d.c. when i was a kid it wasn't free chris brown. it was free angela davis. that's where we were then. this is now. things were formative, and when i started acting, i thought you could bring those things to the table as well. the early movies i took in as a the i remember going to cinema and seeing claudine, dog day afternoon, all of these things that even if they weren't overtly political there was a .ocial resonance to them they were connected to the day, and they weren't trying to mask society. it was a different era prior to the big block oster. you know the jobs and star wars and star wars era. that is still something i am attracted to. tavis: you mention washington. you had the nerve the other night to show up on a talk show for a conversation wearing a washington redskins hoodie, and you knew when you walked on that stage with that jersey on the debate about the name that you were stepping into the middle of, so tell me your thoughts about the name and whether the commissioner and the owner of the redskins should do something about the name of
Nov 27, 2013 11:00pm EST
into midnight. the wind advisory -- temperatures right now, 28 in northwest washington. temperatures will fall and it will feel colder than what the temperatures indicate because of windchill. we will wake up in the morning, 21 in frederick, 24 and the .ield area do improving weather for things giving day and beyond but the story tonight, icy patches. keep an eye out early tomorrow. >> thank you. now to the impact weather is having on many of you trying to get into town or out-of-town. even some delays for air travelers. >> thanks giving eve is the business day for holiday travelers. it can sometimes be a nightmare. in the roads clear just in time. salt trucks were on standby but the snow that blew through wednesday afternoon and into the evening did not stick along this stretch. .raffic was heavy in spots their hometown was hit hard by snow. theirand route to visit daughter. >> there was a time when you cannot see very far. not a lot of traffic. >> traffic was great. >> the hardest part of their trip was getting out in the elements to pump gas. the mid toust made high 30 plus feel like the 20
Nov 3, 2013 12:00pm EST
dsesde washington dc y esta semanaÁnimos polÍticos so de forma intensa, en washington dc hubo debate endonde se pid i disculpas por las fallas que c continÚa sufriendo la pÁgina del obcamacare y el tema de in inmigraciÓn continÚa en el ce centro de la palestra, 600 li r lidÍderes conservadores viniero la kcapital para presionar pre u una reforma migratoria integral, hablamos concretamente cÓmo este anÁnim c caldeado que estÁ en washington pudiera afectar las pos posibilidades de un ra reforma migratoria integral con el co r congresista de carolina del sur, ultra conservador, pero dice que aÚn hay esperanzas de una r reforma migratoria integral >>> miuuchÍsimas gracias por esr con nosotros. >>> a usted >>> esta semana en washington se vivieron momentos muy intensos, con la srecretaria y la crisis q que muchos dicen todavÍa con continÚa en e reforma de salud, ¿ve usted una soluciÓn a esto? >>> espero que sÍ, tenemos que hacer algo, porque el sistema h ahora, el obamacare testÁ roto l lo que hemos paaprendido, la co mÁs importante, ahora es que si te gusta su plan t
Nov 29, 2013 11:00pm EST
washington university. ofin chantilly after a high 39. martinsburg at 24, winchester 25. southern maryland now in the lower 30s. if you look for the core of really cold air, looking at temperatures around 12 and 17 degrees. we will see middle 20s. factor a lot worse to the northwest, single-digit. not much of a problem. across western pennsylvania, slowly moving into garrett and washington counties. will add more clouds tomorrow. temperatures will be a bit milder. here is what the futurecast is showing. we will get a bump in temperatures for the day on sunday. to the east of us, we could see ifew spotty showers here in don't see any problems up and down the east coast from d.c. to philadelphia. flights that way or driving that way, it will not be any problems like on wednesday. skies turn partly cloudy. then upper 30s to lower 40's. i promise warmer weather or milder temperatures. mid-50's by friday of next week. >> can't wait for that to get here. temperatures like that for the game coming up this weekend. >> the redskins need to have better play ahead and they face the giants this weeken
Nov 8, 2013 6:00pm EST
of many indigenous tribes have called on the washington redskins football team to change its name, it is based on a racial slur. now the pressure has reached new heights. thursday night, nearly a thousand native americans and their allies protested outside the metrodome stadium in minneapolis as the team played the minnesota vikings. day, minnesota governor mark dayton suggested members of congress put pressure on the team's owners by boycotting its games. this came after what shenton, d.c. lawmakers voted tuesday to call on the team to change its name. >> neapolis mayor released a statement thursday saying the name disrespects indigenous people, and this week six members of the minneapolis city counsel sent a letter to the team's owner and nfl commissioner roger goodell calling the nickname nt mascot racist. this groundswell comes as bob costas of nbc sports spot about the topic during halftime as he anchored a game when washington's team played last month. >> objections to names like braves, cheese, warriors and the like strike many of us as political correctness run amok. the s
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